Student Rates for Currency Exchange 

NOV. 29, 2019

Have you worked hard to save up your money for your next overseas adventure? As a student it’s important to make sure your money can go further when you’re travelling, so you can make the most of every opportunity.

SendFX is an award-winning foreign exchange provider located close to our offices on the sunny Gold Coast. They remove borders to help connect young people with their money while they’re studying abroad and believe students should avoid paying unnecessary fees on their international money transfers.


Send has taken the complexity out of foreign exchange, helping students around the world send and receive payments with fee free transfers. They have less fees than banks, a friendly person you can speak to for secure transfers and faster processing of transactions so you have instant access to your money.


Whether you need to pay for textbooks for your new university or book a snorkeling trip at the Great Barrier Reef. SendFX can help you move money prior to and after you’ve arrived in Australia for:

  • Tuition fees and other education expenses.

  • Accommodation payments and living expenses.

  • Adventure and travel around Australia.

  • Receiving money from family and friends.

  • Claiming tax if you’ve worked in Australia.

  • Paying for visa and migration fees.

  • Sending money back to your home country.


While exchange rates fluctuate daily and can’t be controlled, there are ways to avoid expenses that come from exchanging your money when you’re abroad. SendFX recommends comparing exchange rates and service fees before buying foreign currency from a bank or other international money transfer provider.


You may also want to consider how you will regularly access your money abroad as conversion fees and exchange rates from banks are traditionally worse than external providers. Therefore, using your home country’s debit or credit card for spending or to withdraw cash may affect your overall budget. We know that you’d rather be on your next adventure instead of dealing with difficult banks and watching your savings being spent on ATM or conversion fees. It’s also
worth remembering that exchanging your currency at the airport will take a huge chunk out of your student funds.


We recommend using a local provider who understands the market and the best way to move your funds from your country.


✓  Check what hidden fees your international transfer provider may have.
  Check the ATM fees and daily limits set by your bank.
  Compare the exchange rate between providers.


  Change money at the airport.
  Carry more than $10,000 cash through the airport.
  Leave your currency exchange till the last minute.


The world is a fast-moving place, but SendFX takes pride in the simple things; like offering fee-free transactions, unbeatable customer service, and exchange rates you’ll want to tell your friends about. If you’re not sure what you need, SendFX are the specialists in all things foreign currency so they can guide you in the right direction.


You can call them on +61 7 5619 5700 if you’re calling internationally. Alternatively, you can take a look around their website to learn more about their company and what they offer.


If you’d like to see what other people have said about SendFX you can check out their reviews on Trust Pilot.